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The water is despised

“First of all, if everyone wants Stephen – Curry, then he will be the year of the draft” Durant said, “but many teams skip him no election, many people question him, said he Can not be such a great player.For Clay – Thompson, he was regarded as a good shooter, when Thompson entered the league, these people on Thompson’s view with you the same. About Raymond – Green, no one wants him , He is a 6-foot-6 power forward, they said Green can not stand in the league, can not play the starting. And Sean – Livingston, he experienced a crazy knee injury, no one wants him, no one think he Can return to the past state. About Andre – Andre Iguodala, he was traded a few times, no one wants him. A lot of people actually did not expect these players will become today they are, so the super team? No, our whole is just a tacit understanding, and the coach let us be in a position where we can maximize our ability to release. ”
Durant’s point of view is clear, the outside world only because the Warriors have four super players will call them super teams, but in Durant view, the warriors can build such a team first rely on their excellent draft, Trading, free agent signing, water brother, green and others are their own training players. Moreover, the original water brother, Green to participate in the draft, at the beginning of the line have been a lot of questions, few people can think of these three players can grow into a big star now, but the Warriors eye-catching beads in a relatively low position to select them¬†.

It is worth mentioning that, after losing the finals in the fifth game (get more NBA Live Coins from lolga) ¬†, LeBron – James also said that he has never played for the super teams, the Big Three era of the Heat, this knight is not super teams.Three years, the Warriors regular season to get a total of 207 wins and 39 losses, breaking the countless records, got two championships. Durant believes that the team’s selflessly touched him, he said the warriors can achieve such success is not talent, but selfless spirit.
“We make each other better, we do not care who is praised,” Durant said, “I feel like, we play is to enjoy the fun, see how we can achieve together, that is The team gave me the feeling that a lot of players shattered the prejudices to stand out, played a great performance, they put the team in the first place, which should be rewarded, a champion is to give them the reward.