I am confident that by virtue of their own strength to the NBA left a deeper impression

“I am confident that with my own strength to leave a deeper impression on the NBA, even if not immediately joined, but also to the future to lay the foundation for the real contract.” Beijing Shougang Club through the ” Held a meeting study, agreed to Battle to Denver to participate in training camp requirements.

Battle has an advantage that most of the Chinese players who have campaigned against the NBA do not have it, that’s the power. Arrived in the Nuggets to participate in the training camp, the team group confrontation, Nuggets insider players it is difficult to account for cheap in the bus body. Which also let Barthe confidence enough, when he told reporters on the phone: “Nuggets inside the general, on the Macse can also, La Frente is a good shot, hard carry or almost. That is, that 2 meters more than 20 big children? He can not, I casually eat him in the basket Cheap NBA Live Mobile Coins Online. “The fact is true, Battle in the first team training game to get 10 points and 12 rebounds and two pairs of data, Assists.

Physical fitness is Bartle relatively large problem, he was tired at the end of the two training was pumping tendons. Before going to the United States, Battle in Beijing is not very systematic training, and the time difference has not completely reversed, coupled with the training camp during the Nuggets training twice a day, the cumulative time of more than 10 hours. Barthe some really could not carry: “up is running fast break and tactics, it is tired!” Once and the Chinese men’s basketball team had deal with the Nuggets assistant coach O’Connor warned Battle must withstand, “This is the NBA The most tired of the year 10 days, a lot of things in the season to lay the foundation here, any players who look forward to enter the NBA must go through this step.¬†https://www.lolga.com/nba-live-mobile/nba-live-mobile-coins

October 12, 2001, Battle in the Nuggets and supersonic preseason bench in appearance, played 3 minutes to get 2 points. This is Battle’s first appearance in the NBA stadium, in addition to the game with the supersonic, Battle is also the Nuggets on the Mavericks preseason played nearly 15 minutes, the results Barthe also only get 2 points. Battle only played in two preseason games, then ended the trial, and on October 28 to return to Beijing.

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