FIFA Chairman Satisfied Video Referee

Although the video video referee in the Confederations Cup triggered a variety of controversy, but FIFA hope in the World Cup video video referee technology confidence. However, the final decision is not in the hands of FIFA, the International Football Council (IFAB) is to modify the rules of the football game authority.
But FIFA has expressed their enthusiasm for video video referee technology, even at the dignity of your dignified, the 2018 Russian World Cup as a test of this new thing. “Video video referee technology in the World Cup stage has achieved very good results, because I think the application of this technology in the World Cup is very realistic.” FIFA  (visit Cheap FIFA 18 Coins) president Vientian said, “for the top referees , Everything is not much changed, they will quickly learn to use the video video referee, and will feel that it makes their work easier.Using video video referee will not let the referee’s decision to become perfect, but it It will play a positive positive role.
“Whenever you use it, you will know that someone can make the right decision, and I am very confident about it!” Said Van Tino. Video video referee for the first time in the international competition is in December 2016 FIFA World Cup finals, Real Madrid 2 to 0 victory over the Mexican American team, at the end of the game, C Luo’s goal triggered controversy, the final referee Started the “video referee” technology, after the video playback, confirm C Luo’s goal is valid. But Real Madrid coach Zidane believes that the video referee has caused confusion, “the referee video technology has brought some confusion, some things must be more clear that the problem is that we must adapt to the requirements of FIFA. Technology must be improved, this is the key to things. “Real Madrid midfielder Modric also believes that he does not like the technology.


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