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3 crisis still need to be resolved

Renewed storms come to an end, and renew the storm behind the problem is still big head. Sanchez, Ozil and Chamberlain’s fate is still in the media interpretation of the “bloody.” Sanchez seems to move the largest “fat” on the market; if Ozil left the team, the only possibility is that the next home is not big enough … Arsenal’s brand trust seems to have become a joke.
On the other hand, Wenger “20 years of the biggest change” really give Arsenal bring the dawn? This season on April 17 against Liverpool game, Wenger used 3-4-2-1 formation, which is from 1996-1997 after his first season, Wenger first use 3 guard. Subsequently, they won 10 games in 10 games, even in Wembley’s FA  Cup final also beat Chelsea won the championship trophy.
Perhaps with the beginning of the season at the beginning of the season to Chelsea transformed into 3-4-3 and open the championship road compared to Wenger’s minor are not “revolutionary”, but in the crisis of Arsenal , Wenger really need to adapt to the time and patience from the outside world. After all, in the FA Cup over the league’s best team, but also to some extent corroborated the strength of Arsene Wenger and Arsenal.
At the same time, Arsenal should also be prepared for the “post-Wenger era”, in order to avoid Manchester United have experienced Sir Bussie and Sir Alex Ferguson left after the disorder.
In a very long time, Arsenal fans split the two forces inside, one is “Arsène Knows Best”, foreign media known as AKB quite warm, the other is “Wenger Out Brigade”, referred to as WOB’s inverted temperature pie. Two factions in the field are outside the fire and water can not, continue to stimulate the breeding of more extreme emotions. And even the inverted temperature in the Emirates Stadium outside the video recording “down temperature” theme song – when Wenger died when we will be happy.
And worse, this intense mood will even overshadow the team’s favorite. Attracting attention on the court becomes more important than the team to win the third, because they become the leader of the push and tubers. These extreme fans may be only a very small part, but it can greatly affect the overall enthusiasm of the fans, so to play the players on the field can not be underestimated the negative effects.