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Manchester City hit a surprising transfer spending or record

In this summer’s transfer window, Manchester City’s generous shocking, Walker, Mendy and other defender transfer fee all the way to break the record, “Sun” analysis pointed out that the blue moon in this summer’s transfer spending has reached 216 million Pounds, this figure approaching Real Madrid in the summer of 2009 signings of the record, from this sign can be seen, Manchester City in this summer how crazy.

First look at Real Madrid in the 2009-10 season summer transfer window spending it(click LOLGA), when the Galaxy warships in the transfer market opened a crazy shopping model, spent 80 million pounds from Manchester United to introduce C Luo is broken at the time of the football Transfer fee record. It was shocking that in the summer, Real Madrid also spent 56 million pounds from Milan to introduce the Kaka, the two Golden Globe winner came to the Bernabeu at the same time, so that European football trembling. More than that, Real Madrid also spent 30 million pounds to introduce the Benzema, also spent 30 million pounds to buy Harvey – Alonso. Albiol also joined Real Madrid, the transfer fee reached 12.75 million pounds, repurchase Negre spent £ 4.25 million, the introduction of Aveiroa spent 3.4 million pounds. In short that summer, Real Madrid in the transfer market to create a crazy, the total expenditure is 2.198 billion pounds.

Now 8 years have passed, such a transfer record is expected to be refreshed, because Manchester City in this summer to copy the Real Madrid crazy investment. Guardiola’s team introduced the door to spend 52 million pounds, which is the blue moon in the summer’s largest investment, transfer fee also broke the football guard poster record. In addition, Kyle – Walker’s transfer fee is also 50 million pounds, which is also generous. Manchester City also spent 42.5 million pounds to introduce Silva, 34 million pounds to the introduction of Edson, 26 million pounds from Real Madrid introduced Daniluo, 10.2 million pounds into the Douglas – Louis, the introduction of teenager Eric – Garcia Spent £ 1.45 million.

Manchester City to introduce the seven players, the total cost of £ 216 million, this figure approaching Real Madrid in the summer of 2009 a single transfer window signings, but the British media generally optimistic about Manchester City to break the record, because Guardiola in the transfer market There will be a big move. In fact, compared to eight years ago, today’s transfer market has a clear situation of inflation, therefore, although the cost of Manchester City may be more, but their signage is still better than Real Madrid.